Job Scouts

Unlike other job boards and aggregates that accept any job, JobNab has an elite team of over 20,000 locally positioned Job Scouts in the top 250 U.S. markets to hand pick the right opportunities for our job seekers.

Each Job Scout is assigned specific markets or categories. The Scout's job is to network with local companies, search company websites, explore online and offline listings, and build a community that allows the Scout to find the best jobs in his or her market.

By having a Scout hand pick each job, JobNab insures that all jobs are legitimate. JobNab does not allow any jobs that require fees or are not bona fide jobs. Furthermore, each Job Scout coordinates with his or her Regional Director to specifically search for the jobs that meet applicant needs.

Is Scouting for you?

If you enjoy helping others and would like a part-time or full-time career that allows you to work from home, you are an excellent Job Scout candidate. We are always looking for exceptional Job Scouts in several markets and categories. To see if Scouting is right for you, apply now.

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